"I can’t believe even now that such a fantastic service is available.  The difference it has made to us both. My husband really looks forward to it as he is taken on walks to various places he would like to visit. As for myself I can get on with any jobs without being broken off twenty times so it’s beneficial to us both.  Most important of all you managed to get the bus stops high enough for a wheelchair.  A well deserved thank you to all the walkers for donating their time." SW (walker's spouse)

"DC has been going out with TD, his walk leader Terry for 4 weeks now and really looks forward to his outings.  To our knowledge he had only been out twice in the past year and now he goes out every week.  The Homecare team report that DC shows genuine disappointment when he is not able to go out as happened recently when it snowed.    He is much happier and all the staff report what a difference there is in him. DC himself says, he loves it."  AW (Homecare Senior)


"………….. In my case over the past months this exercise has been crafted to work alongside the intensive medical treatment I have been receiving for arthritis fulfilling the vital role of me being able to walk my dogs with safety and coordination.  I consider myself to be extremely  lucky to be allocated CB as my walk leader and he has provided a considerable amount of skills, advice and camaraderie – in fact he has proved to be a flagship for your organisation ……… many thanks" PM (walker)

"Thanks for my involvement in Get Out There; good group. I am suffering from depression for about 4 years and I don’t feel I can carry on with the walks at the moment. Thank all the helpers for me, everyone’s been good, but I’m not feeling good so I will ‘stop’ for the time being. I am trying to ‘get well’. I don’t sit in, I get out and your group has given me a lot of good ideas for short walks. When I get better I would like to be involved again with your group."  RE (walker)

"P has come a long way and benefited tremendously both physically and mentally since being with the scheme. Unfortunately, due to the disadvantages P has, it is unlikely he would be able to continue this type of activity independently.  He just wouldn’t go out and if he did he wouldn’t be safe.   P himself has stated:  “Its good to get out and see the river and park, and it’s good for me too. I like going for walks.”  P will continue with the walking scheme for as long as we are able to provide appropriate support."  CB (walk leader)