A Referral


In order to become a member of the Bradford Get Out There walking scheme there is a referral process to go through.  We have to make sure that all the paprework is in order and that a worthwhile and meaningful assessment is done.  The start of this process is the completion of the Registration_Form



But before thinking about joining us ask yourself -


  • Do you feel you are excluded from normal social activities for a particular reason whether it is of your making or not?

  • Do you feel you do not receive the appropriate level of day service from your local authority (or third/voluntary sector) that you would expect to receive or are entitled to?

  • Do you have a need or desire to be more independent and progress from how you are now to that of  being more empowered and taking an active part in planning what you do?

  • Do you have the motivation to take part in “walking” related activities and have a commitment fulfilling your walker’s agreement?

  • Do you have a genuine interest and understanding of the benefits of walking (in the countryside) and how it can help you with personal well being and other health related matters?

Not everyone who expresses an interest in Bradford Get Out There or completes a registration form is necessarily suitable to become a walker or is appropriate for the service. We don't want to waste your time or ours so we try to make sure you have a need for the service. 

Chances are you will enjoy your walking so why not give it a go!