What we do

The Bradford Get Out There walking scheme essentially offers one to one support for anyone wishing to benefit from its service.  We believe that this is crucial in the whole process of "walking" as a means of improving an individual's overall health and well being.  The level of support required depends on what you want to get out of our scheme balanced against any practical limitations there might be along with risks involved and any other health and safety considerations.  We determine what this level of support might be through regular consultations, assessments and reviews.

In the first instance we receive an expression of interest from you, the potential walker, and this could be by phone call, email or simply by word of mouth and/or chance meeting. We then plan a meeting, often in the form of a home visit to discuss how and when you might be accommodated within the scheme.  You can have anyone you want with you at this meeting to support you and help you get the most out of what we can offer.   During this first meeting we will tell you exactly what we do:

We offer:
  • One to one support with your own allocated Walk Leader
  • A variety of risk assessed walks for all abilities and all needs
  • Flexible arrangements with a person centred approach
  • An option of regular weekly walks over a set period or a series of pre-booked walks possibly over a longer period
  • An explanation of costs involved based on support level required and time spent on a walk
  • An inclusive review process that evaluates your progress and can recommennd other opportunities
  • Help with journey planning, bus and train passes or anything to do with travel and transport issues.
  • Networking with other similar services
  • Promotion of health and social benefits of walking with the possible introduction to other walkers through group activities
  • An opportunity to be involved in further developing the scheme
  • Training opportunities in relevant subjects

We also tell you what we do NOT do:
  • We are not part of Bradford Council, the NHS or Social Services
  • We do not provide personal care
  • We do not take people on shopping trips, visits to friends/relatives or trips to medical related appointments
  • We do not provide dedicated or adapted transport
  • We do not teach, train or educate (but we can advise and signpost to other relevant agencies that offer these services)
  • We are not a free service and all our professional Walk Leaders are paid for the work they do
  • We cannot undertake anything that is over and above what has been agreed to in the walker agreement