What we believe

We believe that the term "walking" (or going for a walk) refers to the activity of any individual who makes that extra effort needed to get out of the house and experience as many of the different sensations of nature as possible.  We believe that by having a person centred approach to planning and executing such an activity, anybody irrespective of disability or illness can benefit from "walking" to some degree or other.

We believe that "walkers" want to be challenged in the walks they do so we don't look for easy options or short cuts.  We make a plan and aim to stick to it.  We use public transport wherever possible believing this to be more socially stimulating than using taxis or private cars.  We plan for the weather not always being as we would like it to be and make allowances for being cold or wet, or for being slightly out of breath after a particularly long or testing walk.


We believe that we all feel better after a walk, even if it's only a short one, and always look forward to our next outing. But most of all we enjoy and remember those special occasions when the sun shines and we can breathe in fresh air and really feel part of local countryside.

Our aims are to

  • Help people make choices about where they would like to go and what they would like to do
  • Increase opportunities for exercise by accessing the outdoors
  • Promote independence and social integration through greater use of public transport
  • Secure improvements for access to the countryside and the built environment


Our Mission

We strive to remove social and physical barriers so that people affected by disability and/or illness can access walking and outdoor activity to achieve a healthier, happier and more independent lifestyle.